Welcome, men. We are excited for your interest in Lake Men events here at Lake Church.
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2024 Calendar of Events

BETTERMAN @ Lake Church
Wed, April 10 - June 12 - 7PM
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Sat, April 13 - 9AM
Please Register by April 10th

Matamoros Children's Home work trip
Wed, April 17, 6AM - Sun 21

LAKEMEN Fishing Trip
Sat, May 11 - 6AM - on the dock
(Richland Chambers)
Please Contact Eric Wright for Waiting-List

Sat, July 27 - 9AM

Sporting Clays Shoot (offsite)
Sat, Aug 17 - 8:30AM at Alpine Range

9th Annual Matamoros Open
Sun, Oct 06 - 1:30PM

LAKEMEN 10th Annual Dinner
Sat, Oct 19 - 6PM

Matamoros Children's Home work trip
Wed, Oct 23 6AM -Sun 27

Men's Q2 Breakfast 

Sat, April 13, 9AM
Come and fellowship with the LakeMen at Lake Church. Find encouragement and camaraderie among new and old friends.

Children 12 and under eat free.

Please Register by April 10th 

If you are interested in participating in the study or being a table-leader please click Register to provide info to connect with you.

If you missed the first or second session, you can hear a version of it here…

Session  1: https://youtu.be/GNP1fvV8VFQ?si=FcSLWg5413EIHngE

Session 2: https://youtu.be/3F1b1rOvXXI?si=G8vIOkKD2LLS7EdD

BetterMan 2024

Wed., April 10- June 12, 7 PM

BETTERMAN is a series of curriculums where each curriculum is a deep dive into the key principles of biblical manhood. 

This is a 11-week study to give you a brief introduction to all the deep dives offered.

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For additional information contact jedwards@lakechurchdfw.org

LakeMen Fishing Trip

Sat, May 11,  6AM on the ramp
Location: Lake Richland Chambers

Cost: $150 per person

Please Contact Eric Wright for Waiting-List

Sporting Clays 24.mp4

Sporting Clays Shoot

Sat. Aug 17, 8:30am

Alpine Shooting Range
5482 Shelby Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76140  (map)
817 478-6613

RSVP Here so we will know who is coming.

Cost will be $29 per shooter, for 50 Targets.  Each person can pay in full when they arrive.  

Please review the Range Rules

Shotgun rentals do NOT include ammunition
  You may buy ammunition from anywhere else.



Matamoros Children's Home

Trip #1, Wed, 6AM April 17 - Sun April 21

Trip #2, Wed, 6AM Oct 23  - Sun Oct 27

Contact: Max Graber

Lake Church supports the
Matamoros Children's Home because

If you want to go you will need: