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Worshipping Through The Arts

The Gallery, located in the Lake Church foyer, is a permanent location set apart for the creative worship of our Creator. God is creative. He designed the concept and gave humanity the ability to exhibit creativeness, reflective of God's good creation. It is through our God-given creativity that we can worship Him through our unique giftings.

2023 ~ 2024 Art Exhibits

A Child is Born

Dec 1st - Dec 31st
"A Star beams high in the sky, a mother carries a baby in her womb as her family travels to Bethlehem, and the sound of a newborn's cry sings out from a manager in a barn. All of creation holds its breath oas a child is barren a life that will be give for our own.."

All Things New

The Four Chapter Gospel


Jan 1st - Mar 31st

Genesis 1 - 2 

It tells of creation as it was meant to be...and will one day. God's creativity, beauty, and fellowship are on display as Eden comes to life. God says to work with your hands and mind. Establish family. Cultivate, nurture and build community, society, and culture. Live in fellowship with God. Shalom.


Apr 1st - Jun 30th

Genesis 3 - 11

The sin of man. The tree, the forbidden fruit, and the lure of seeking self. The fall of Adam is the beginning of death. Fellowship is broken and the door to death is opened. The unnatural now becomes normal...death happens to all. Satan is pleased. The crack in the door...could it be opened more? Man is rebelling against God...he's been told by a serpent there is a better way.


Jul 1st - Sep 30th

Gen 12 - Rev 22

Redemption restores creation. The story continues to unfold with a covenant with Abraham. I'm blessing you to be a blessing. Through the line of David, the Savior will come. Designed by the Father, Jesus humbles himself by taking the form of a, teaching, and dying, at the hand of men, as a gift to God's people.


Oct 1st - Nov 30th

Complete, Finished...All things made new. Creation is fully restored. The new Heaven and the New Earth are fully established. Sin is no more, death is no more. As it was originally intended, is now. All of creation, now redeemed, is lifted to the heights of God-honoring glory it always meant to proclaim!

Submission Information:

Please contact Kait Thibeaux to let her know you will participate in the 2023/2024 display.

All submissions need to be delivered for display 7 days prior to opening. 

Depending on volume of submissions, art may or may not be displayed.

Please install an obscure hanger on the back of your work for the hanging wall display. See Art Gallery for hook style.

You are asked to pick up your artwork within 7 days of the exhibit’s closing.


Artist Submission

Please include a 50 - 200 word essay describing your art & explaining your scripture or theological theme. Please include your information in the following format. This will be included next to your submitted art display.


Name of Artist:

Name of Art Piece:

Kait Thibeaux